Empowering Female Entrepreneurs: A Success Story of the '200 Women on Assignment' Challenge

The Client

The Challenge:

Aspiring female entrepreneurs often face a unique set of challenges. Many have a desire to build a business of their own, but struggle with understanding what a purpose-driven business looks like for them. Others may already have a business idea but are unsure how to gain momentum and drive their business forward. This challenge was about addressing these issues and providing a platform for these women to thrive.

The Solution (and our approach to it):

Our solution was the ‘200 Women on Assignment’ Challenge, facilitated through a custom mobile app. The goal was to generate demand for and enroll a targeted group of people – new and aspiring female entrepreneurs – into a Company Curators’ end product. The challenge also aimed to develop a profile of women looking to buy future specific business services to build their purpose-driven business. Participants engaged in a 5-day challenge to create case studies for their businesses. This approach not only provided practical business development experience but also fostered a sense of community and support among the participants.


The challenge was a resounding success, with 212 registrants and 10 enrollees into a 30-day business accelerator program. This program allowed participants to do side-by-side business development and professional development work for entrepreneurial funding and growth. The challenge also provided valuable buying profiles for future educational products. The 10-week challenge timeline demonstrated our commitment to providing sustained support and resources for these aspiring entrepreneurs.