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Floor23 for K-12 and Higher Education

In education, you take on the responsibility to learn and develop people whether k-12, higher education, or technical education. Your ability to deliver curriculum, tools, processes, and cutting-edge educational experiences that prepare students for today and the future is essential.

Leverage Challenge Competitions

Creating a challenge competition to solve the problems ahead, or get a jump on being future ready for the things you haven’t yet thought, of it’s a smart way to stay ahead of the curve. Creating the challenge on Floor23 allows you to take educational innovation to the masses, and get external partners involved that could range from parents, students, startups, and more.

Train & Adopt With Speed Using Innovation Education Platform

Give your education innovation longevity, by going from concept, or prototype to an integrated solution. Using Floor23, have the training your team needs to commercialize all the great educational innovations you’ve created. Take it a step farther and help your students understand innovation with training that supports future-ready success with digital entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial training built into your institution’s DNA using innovative platform.

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