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Floor23 is a revolutionary open innovation platform managing and solving product, process, and public engagement problems through crowd-based challenges, and participant education.

Some of the clients that trust our engagement and innovation superpower

Spaces Home Interiors
Nasa Tournament Lab
Genesis Financial Solutions
U.S. Department of the Interior
Milwaukee Public Schools
United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Signa Tech

The Open Innovation Platform

Floor23 manages crowd-based challenges that support bringing in solutions, insight and creating learning opportunities across the below 5 areas.

New Product Development

Launch a challenge and use the crowd to create your next product release…like Netfilx.

Public and Community Engagement

Use a challenge to get buy-in from residents for the next infrastructure project.

Technology and Market Research

Create a challenge and get the crowd to research the tech moves you should make next.


Bring brainstorming to more brains and create a challenge to find that unicorn idea.

Innovation and Entrepreneur Education

Host a challenge and leverage our education to train kids and adults to adopt innovation skills.

Floor23 InnoBear is...

Your Contest Platform

InnoBear introduces a groundbreaking way to manage contests, saving you time and simplifying the process, while offering unprecedented opportunities to engage with and expand your audience

With InnoBear You Can...

  • >>

    Create and deploy captivating contests that resonate with your audience quickly, with no coding required.
  • >>

    Utilize a diverse range of entry methods and automatic notifications to keep your audience actively involved.
  • >>

    Gain valuable insights from real-time analytics to continually refine your strategies for better results.

InnoBear replaces:

Floor23 InnoBear is...

Your Lead Generation Tool

Struggling to capture and convert leads in an increasingly crowded digital landscape? InnoBear offers a unique solution by leveraging the appeal of contests and interactive content to effortlessly attract and engage potential customers.

With InnoBear You Can...

  • >>

    Engage your target audience with compelling contests that encourage them to share their contact information willingly.
  • >>

    Use the data from participant interactions to tailor your follow-up strategies and boost conversion rates.
  • >>

    Analyze participation patterns and feedback to refine your marketing strategies and better meet the needs of your prospects.

InnoBear replaces:


Floor23 InnoBear is...

Your Survey and Polling Software

Unlock new depths of audience interaction with InnoBear’s survey and polling capabilities, turning every response into an opportunity for engagement and insight.

With InnoBear You Can...

  • >>

    Seamlessly integrate surveys and polls into your contests, gathering actionable insights and feedback directly from your audience.
  • >>

    Engage users with interactive content that encourages active participation and strengthens your brand connection.
  • >>

    Use the collected data to inform your marketing strategies, enhancing your approach based on audience preferences and feedback.

InnoBear replaces:


Floor23 InnoBear is...

Your Award Management Platform

Navigating the complexities of award management and judging processes? InnoBear simplifies this with a robust, intuitive platform designed to streamline the entire judging journey, from inviting panel members to consolidating their scores and insights.

With InnoBear You Can...

  • >>

    Empower your judging panel with a seamless interface to score entries, provide feedback, and make informed decisions collaboratively.
  • >>

    Tailor the evaluation process to fit the unique needs of your competition, ensuring that every judgment aligns with your predefined standards.
  • >>

    Automatically compile scores and notes from each judge to determine winners with fairness and accuracy, saving time and reducing manual errors.

InnoBear replaces:

NEWSROOM: Floor23 awarded by NASA on $175 Million contract to accelerate open innovation using contests to solve the US Government's toughest problems

Nasa Tournament Lab Logo
See the press release to learn more about how Floor23 will impact open innovation for NASA and the immense value it provides…

Professional Services

Whether innovation strategy development, additional or managed services to support innovation challenge delivery, execution of pilot or ongoing programs, or other needs supporting the scale-up of your innovation and engagement efforts…we’re likely able to help…let’s talk about what’s possible with the Floor23 platform and our services.

A word from the CEO

Candace Spears
Candace Spears
The freedom of mind and spirit to contribute and create opportunity through innovative thought and action is what we celebrate.
Solving the worlds greatest challenge and capturing the most important opportunities with human brilliance is why we’re here.
Let’s get you connected to support human brilliance for the right stage of your innovation journey.

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