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Engage citizens to collaborate, solve problems, and get educated in an exciting and interactive way with Floor23.
Public and Community Engagement
Engage Your Community with Digital Challenges

Floor23 makes public engagement more interactive and accessible than ever before. Create challenges to get citizens involved in solving problems, gain education, and make their voices heard in a fun, incentivized, and communal way.

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United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Signa Tech
Genesis Financial Solutions
Milwaukee Public Schools
Nasa Tournament Lab
U.S. Department of the Interior

Connect and amplify the voice of the public

Your citizens don’t have to go it alone. With Floor23, they can connect and discover each other to create teams to strengthen their voice, engagement, and impact in public infrastructure and public policy projects. Make their voice heard with a fun, incentivized, and communal approach.

Public and Community Engagement Software Platform

Create open calls for ideas or feedback in minutes.

Get your community involved and make their voices heard with quick and easy challenges. Floor23 gives you the power to create challenges in minutes, creating open calls for ideas, stories and more. Make sure your community is part of the conversation with an interactive approach to public engagement.

Unlock the power of data-driven decisions

Make informed decisions and get a comprehensive overview of your community’s needs with one easy-to-use platform. Floor23’s intuitive data collection system allows you to manage insights and submissions in one place, track progress, and organize your pipeline for maximum efficiency. Unlock the power of data-driven decision-making today.

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