Get the insights you need to make informed decisions
Using Floor23 for crowd-based research challenges, quickly gain valuable insights and perspectives on a topic, technology, or market that allow you to make informed decisions.
Crowd-Based Research Platform
Accelerate Your Understanding of Technology and Markets

Floor23’s crowd-based research capability enables you to explore new technologies and markets with the help of an engaged community. Create research challenges to get a breadth of perspective on a topic or market in a fraction of the time, and see meaningful results quickly.

Customers worldwide trust Floor23

United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Signa Tech
Genesis Financial Solutions
Milwaukee Public Schools
Nasa Tournament Lab
U.S. Department of the Interior

Get the insights you need with precision

Get the exact data and insights you need with precision—define the rules and criteria your research tasks should fall within. Crowd-based research allows you to get a breadth of perspective from various minds on a topic, technology, or market in a fraction of the time and risk of traditional research practices. Create crowd-based research challenges today to quickly understand the latest and greatest technologies and prepare yourself for new markets.

Get insights quickly with crowd-based research

Unlock the power of collective intelligence and get the answers to your technology and market research questions faster than ever before with Tech Market Research Platform. With Floor23’s crowd-based research challenges, you can actively engage and communicate with participants for a comprehensive understanding of the latest technologies and markets

Accelerate your understanding of new technologies and markets

Don’t miss out on the latest technology or market opportunities. Get a breadth of perspective in a fraction of the time with crowd-based research challenges. With Floor23, you can easily organize tasks submissions for report curation and compilation so you can start innovating faster.

Get the insights you need to make informed decisions on what to do next.

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