Developing a Clear Product Marketing Strategy and Team to Execute it to Harness an Overwhelm of Innovative Ideas

The Client

The Challenge:

The time had come to expand the business, but their core strength was in IT services, and their product offerings and customer targets were vast. There were so many opportunities they could go after, but what opportunities would be the best to go after first and how to get the clients that were the right fit.

The Solution (and our approach)

Define a selection of best-fit target markets, introduce a sales funnel, with a valuable content piece tailored to the target customers’ interest, and support it with digital advertising via LinkedIn and Facebook to drive traffic

The best way to grow was growing systemically and with the ability to test (Determining the right audience, right offer, etc), and so we leaned on a strategy of testing multiple targets using advertising to help us accomplish that.

Floor23 provided a step-by-step marketing strategy intensive along with pre-designed sales funnel for the Signa Tech Team to pick-up and fully implement.


Signa Tech took the strategy and had their team at the table for mini training on executing a test and learn digit advertising strategy, so that they could walk away with the step by step marketing strategy and implement ongoing.