Connecting STEM to Commercialization “How To” across 13 Elementary Schools and Innovation Competitions

The Client

The Challenge:

The Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS ) Extended Learning Opportunities Office needed programming aligned with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), and one of the absent pieces from the learning opportunity lineup was a tie to entrepreneurship and commercialization. With an expected attendance of 300+ 5th graders across 13 elementary sites, bringing an experience and learning that could allow the students to gain STEM and business skills was the challenge.

The Solution (and our approach to it):

After a closer discussion on the student audience and program topic timing, we brought to the table, InnoFrog, specifically, our Young, Agile and Digital Entrepreneurs program, with a focus on the Big Ideas & Small Business sub program. We brought this program to life hands-on with a full on-site program deployment across 5 weeks, with a 5-hour per-site program length across 4 to 5 days each.

The concepts we brought to the students included Design Thinking, Lean Startup Principles, and a few entrepreneurial principles through starter exercises and a program-long product innovation competition


Students completing the program demonstrated concept learning in the innovative product competition that yielded pitches from students in the following areas and more…

  • Solution to World Hunger (Self-dispensing and Cleaning Food Machine)
  • Solution for Self Defense (Insta Knife, Defense Candy, Defense Easy rope)
  • Solutions to Boredom (Sports Viewing Pack, Game Box)
  • Solution to Transport People Faster (Flying Rocket Cars)
  • Solution for Better Luggage mobility (Expandable Luggage Technology)

Students were able to pitch their innovative products as part of the culminating competition and be able to explain the problem it solves, the target audience, and pricing