Leads Express: Pay Per Lead Program

Get exclusive buyer and seller leads delivered to you through Facebook and Instagram.

How does it work? We have expertise in getting leads on Facebook and Instagram so, we put that to work via your own page. We execute lead campaigns utilizing our valuable lead magnets and back end marketing systems to get leads exclusive to you, delivered to your inbox.

How much does it cost? We price on a per lead basis. And those leads are sold in two bundles. This is to your advantage as you can pinpoint your return on investment, and make the wisest decisions for your marketing dollars.

Included in your total our of pocket cost is the cost paid to Facebook. Every platform requires you to spend dollars on advertising on their platform. 

So the total max cost= Your lead generation price (Paid to Floor23) + your Facebook ad budget (Paid to Facebook)


15 Leads @ $32 or less per lead
$15/Lead (15 Leads= $225) + $250 Facebook ad budget = Max out of pocket of $475


35 Leads @ $24 or less per lead
$10/Lead (35 Leads=$350) + $500 Facebook ad budget = Max out of pocket of $850


IMPORTANT AND EXCITING NOTE: Your lead cost can also go down as less ad budget may be required to get to your lead number.



Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take before I see leads? We will send you the leads as soon as they come in. It's important to take action quickly.

Will I get buyer or seller leads? You determine which type you prefer at checkout.

Will other realtors have access to my leads? ABSOLUTELY NOT. We generate these leads using your Facebook Business Page. All of the leads will be exclusive to you, they will not be passed to any other real estate agents.

How long will the ad campaigns run? We will execute the campaign as long as is required to get your total number of leads. On average these campaigns run 2 weeks to 30 days. If we see there's no way to get to the lead number without sacrificing your ad budget, we will stop the campaign and refund you for any leads not generated.

What should I expect from Facebook and Instagram leads? Leads coming through these two channels tend to be what we call top-of the funnel leads, meaning their is interest and to get the biggest bang for your buck, you should nurture them through value added follow-up like email or messaging sequences.

Is there anything I need to do to get prepared to participate in this program? You must have a Facebook Business Page setup for your real estate business. We will work with you to get the necessary access and ad account setup to get started. Everything else we have covered.