Our Story

It all started with the founder's childhood memories combined with her technological enlightenment and capability.

Sitting in the backseat of her mom's car with a portable analog TV, and a snack, Candace Spears recalls every single moment she tagged along on her mom's showings.

Played with empty carbon copy contracts she managed to snag from her mom's file cabinet, or the overflow of Just Sold post card she put into her play collection. The life of a realtor she experienced up close and personal and would watch it unfold for the next 30 years as her mom continued her journey.

As she grew up she worked for large fortune 500 companies such as GE in both technology and marketing and gain invaluable skill on how the two made for a powerful combination.

Deciding where to best apply an area of support as an entrepreneur, she zoomed in on the real estate business. One that was and still continues to be in need of a digital overhaul and so Floor23 Digital LLC was born.



Candace Spears - Floor23 Founder

"I want every agent and broker to embrace social media as a way to bring their unique personilty to the world and be the one and only agent that an individual will ever need."