1000+ Realtors Later...3 Social Media Marketing Adjustments for Better Lead Gen

Okay...for sure...all real estate agents are not equal but many share some social media similarities that to be honest, are less than helpful to their online lead generation. 

How do we know? 

Well, as we got this company off the ground, we were heavy on our lead generation. You can't have that as a core competency and not be able to do it for yourself, right? Through email, phone and social media messaging we connected with over 1000 real estate agents and brokers across the US.

What we learned during our time of prospecting will uncover some adjustments to make in your own social media strategy, so you can attract more clients that want to work with you, and stop being like “the 99%” of real estate agents.


Observation 1: Social media post ideas were predominantly listing photos: 

In the prospecting process, we took careful note of their social media profiles and activity. There were large numbers of people, who had nothing but listing photo after listing photo. An endless scroll of homes on the market. And while it may be true that if I’m in the market to buy a house, I want to know about the inventory, in this digital age, I’d have to first know that you even exist.

To think about it in different terms...there are the giants, (Zillow, RedFin, Trulia)  that are top of mind for folks when they’re searching for a house online. For example, in the age of Zillow, I'm likely not following your Facebook page as a means to see the real estate inventory.  Zillow can serve that up for me nicely. Quite frankly, better than you can on a Facebook page. Yet so many realtors as we visited their pages had home, after home. This is for sale, that is for sale and little conversation or value add beyond what you could get with some Zillow filter selections.

Pro Tip: You can and should be more valuable than the MLS. Ask yourself, “What would someone who’s interested in my listing, also be looking for?” Then dig in and use those ideas as content to post! Drop some in the comments below, if you think of something extra creative!



Observation 2: Of the real estate agents that have tried ads, the most common ad...wait for it...wait for it...the “free home valuation.” 

For your backstory, we zoomed in on Facebook ads and a free 7-day trial was our focused offer. In case you’re reading this and thinking, “wait sign me up for a free trial!” Sorry,  that's no longer something we offer, with the last few wrapping up at the writing of this post.

When browsing through profiles I cannot count the number of times that this was the only offer provided in an ad. Now it may have been provided several different ways, but the same offer none the less.

A brief pause for my quick open letter to sellers: “Sellers...oh….sellers...We understand what you must be going through trying to sell your home. There are a good amount of agents holding out on what could be brilliant insight for you...I know it will change one day. We're cheering and fighting for you.

And for those that we did initiate free ad trials with, the hard part of accomplishing the trial was getting them to share their real estate expertise in a download or lead magnet as it's commonly is known. 

Now right here though is where the difference in top-performing agents (defined by us, as a good number of active listings and recent solds)  and average or underperforming agents showed through. There were a select few who were extra prepared to curate their own content; Webinars, Q&A sessions, virtual client events, go to work on creating a download about the top 10 unique ideas to move a home in their market, etc. And even a few willing to leverage a highly dramatized and entertaining video that had already been creatively put together. These select few in the top agent category, it was clear why they had the stats: Their willingness to leverage social media and being authentic was beautiful.

Pro Tip: Secret to creating winning social media ads is having an offer the people really want. Something that feels as if they can get it exclusively from you. So when creating your Facebook ads or any other social media ad for real estate, make it worth their while. Ask yourself, “What’s something worth exchanging contact information for?” Maybe it’s a download, unlisted pictures, a workshop, etc. We’ve taken some guesswork out of this whole lead magnet thing, you can take a look here



Observation 3: “We don’t need help” attitude with a social media presence and energy that’s screaming “PLEASE SAVE US”

We took note of any objections and challenges for those that did not sign up to work with us.

While some of the “we don’t need help” we can’t explain because the "why" wasn’t made clear, there were some that were due to the fact that there was already a service in play. There was an automated service that typically handled posting to their account. Or, next in line was a service that handled automated email newsletters, but the overwhelming majority was social posts.

Now while these real estate agents felt in control of their social media content because someone else or something was handling it. Their recent transactions were months ago and didn’t support their social media automation strategy.

Enter something I like to call “posting deceit.” That's when you see activity (i.e. social media posts hitting your feeds and timelines), and mistake that for progress. Blindly posting content is not the way that you’ll increase your lead gen activity.

Pro Tip: It’s okay to get pre-made social posts, but don’t let this be your only source for online posting. Remember you want them to get to know, like, and trust you, that means you have to bring yourself into the picture. Mix it up 50/50 or even 70/30 pre-made posts. If you’re ripping your hair out looking for social media posts for real estate agents, don’t worry...got you covered here.


So we learned a ton, and while that’s great for us, it’s great for you too, because we could pull out the things that are the most valuable to help you get good at online lead generation. Take a look back at the adjustments that you can make right now and begin to increase your Social Media Marketing Game. All I can say is….be unique and be you....you super real estate agent you :) So many "you's" but we want to make sure that it's you that people are attracted to when you need to stand out.

For more guidance on prospecting online be sure you download our 4-step guide at socialrealtor.gr8.com. 

Let’s get these leads!!!!!!!

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